I was born and brought up in Chorlton-cum-Hardy, on the outskirts of Manchester. We lived close to wonderful rugged countryside and regularly went on long family hikes exploring forests and moors. Kitted out with my own little rucksack and walking boots, I would go on ahead with my Kendal Mint-Cake for sustenance, and seek out secret little places. The feeling of magic and mystery that surrounded areas like Alderley Edge and Stile Woods are still with me.

I was a rather isolated, only child for the first ten years of my life and found comfort and company in books. I loved fantasy and adventure best, but would devour anything that had a good story and engaging characters. Imagination was, and always has been an integral part of my sense of self.

I did an English & Media degree at the University of Sussex and went on to a diverse working life including running the art room at play-schemes, a few years as a journalist and producer in a local TV newsroom and a short stint as a singer and actress. For the last ten years, I have managed a walking scheme for the local council, and this has really opened my eyes to how people open up when they walk together in ways that doesn't happen in more formal situations. I have heard countless, extraordinary stories from the people I have walked with, some of which have inspired my stories.

I have written stories and poems ever since I became able to string more than a few words together! In recent years these have included an anthology of my teenage poetry (A Brief Love Affair With The Big Orange), a screenplay about a young woman who conjures up Ella Fitzgerald as a Fairy-Jazz-Godmother at a time of crisis (Sally & The Empress) and two novels, The Soul Room, and Return of the Morrigan. My life-long need to write comes from a need to tell stories, and to hopefully give back to people some small portion of the pleasure and nourishment I have had from reading the wonderful stories of others.

I call myself a ‘Mancunian Brightonian’ having made my home in the city-by-the-sea 25 years ago. I live with my husband in a loving if sometimes hectic, patchwork family including two kids each, a dog, two cats and a tarantula called Doris!