Corinna Edwards-Colledge


A psychological thriller with a hint of mystery.

It’s been the worst year of Maddie’s life, but the offer of a gardening job in Italy gives her the opportunity to start afresh and takes her back to the scene of a childhood mystery.

The beauty of an Italian Summer and romance with the Amarena’s son is destined to come to an unexpected end when Maddie’s brother, Dan, goes missing.

Back by the stormy beaches of Brighton the discovery of her dead mother’s diary uncovers a terrible family secret, and Maddie must now play a dangerous game if she is to find her brother and protect the life of her unborn child.

Corinna Edwards-Colledge


It’s the hottest summer on record in the run-down village of Burdon, and someone’s coming. Roaring into town one night on a powerful motorbike, the beautiful and mysterious Mary, soon proves she is not what she seems. For young Niall Costello, Mary becomes an obsession, and within days, her influence has spread across the village.

As ancient myth collides with their lives, Niall and his family must defeat their inner demons if they are to defeat the very real one that has decided to pursue them.

Corinna Edwards-Colledge


Fourteen People. Fourteen phone calls. One morning. Infinite fates...

When Pippa comes across a young man stood on the edge of a bridge one morning, little does she know that the next phone call she makes will reverberate through the lives of thirteen people she will never meet.

Through fourteen personal stories connected by a phone call or text, thrilling new novella, The Call, explores the effect of modern life's most ubiquitous object, and its power as a bringer of joy, stasis or bitter disappointment.  Each call brings choices and the potential for change, but will each character navigate through the caprices of fate and the behavior of others to choose the right path?   

Shani Struthers


‘Welcome to the asylum…’


Their troubled past behind them, married couple, Rob and Louise, visit Venice for the first time, looking forward to a relaxing weekend. Not just a romantic destination, it’s also the ‘most haunted city in the world’ and soon, Louise finds herself the focus of an entity she can’t quite get to grips with – a ‘veiled lady’ who stalks her.


After marrying young Venetian doctor, Enrico Sanuto, Charlotte moves from England to Venice, full of hope for the future. Home though is not in the city; it’s on Poveglia, in the Venetian lagoon, where she is set to work in an asylum, tending to those that society shuns. As the true horror of her surrounds reveals itself, hope turn to dust.

From the labyrinthine streets of Venice to the twisting, turning corridors of Poveglia, their fates intertwine. Vengeance only waits for so long…

Shani Struthers

OLD CROSS COTTAGE: Book 4 in the best-selling Psychic Surveys series

In a quiet Dorset Village, Old Cross Cottage has stood for centuries, overlooking the place where four roads meet. Marred by tragedy, it's had a series of residents, none of whom have stayed for long. Pink and pretty, with a thatched roof, it should be an ideal retreat, but as new owners Rachel and Mark Bell discover, it's anything but. Ruby Davis hasn't quite told her partner the truth. She's promised Cash a holiday in the country but she's also promised the Bells that she'll investigate the unrest that haunts this ancient dwelling. Hoping to combine work and pleasure, she soon realises this is a far more complex case than she had ever imagined. As events take a sinister turn, lives are in jeopardy. If the terrible secrets of Old Cross Cottage are ever to be unearthed, an entire village must dig up its past.

Shani Struthers

BLAKEMORT: A Psychic Surveys Christmas Novella

Not every house is a home...

“That house, that damned house. Will it ever stop haunting me?”  After her parents’ divorce, five-year old Corinna Greer moves into Blakemort with her mother and brother. Set on the edge of the village of Whitesmith, the only thing attractive about it is the rent. A ‘sensitive’, Corinna is aware from the start that something is wrong with the house. Very wrong. 

Christmas is coming but at Blakemort that’s not something to get excited about. A house that sits and broods, that calculates and considers, it’s then that it lashes out – the attacks endured over five years becoming worse. There are also the spirits, some willing residents, others not. Amongst them a boy, a beautiful, spiteful boy… 

Who are they? What do they want? And is Corinna right when she suspects it’s not just the dead the house traps but the living too?

V K McGivney


Harry Saunders is unhappily married, in a job he hates and has a Big Birthday looming.  A passionate cinephile, he uses films as an escape from dreary reality, viewing the people and situations he meets through the prism of classic movies.

Harry is resigned to a bleak future until a sudden and unpremeditated act of courage propels him into a succession of sometimes absurd, sometimes dangerous, but ultimately life-changing situations

V K McGivney


The gunning down of accountant, Howard Armstrong, outside his office, forces timid housewife Karen to confront the flaws in her marriage. As the investigation into his murder gets underway, Karen finds out things about him that shake the very foundations of her family.

Struggling to deal with her own emotions, and protect her children from learning the terrible truth about their father, Karen takes them on a trip to coastal Wales. But she can’t stop the truth coming out, and soon she finds a clue that leads to the discovery of the identity of Howard’s real murderer.

V K McGivney


After he witnesses an extraordinary object in the sky, research student Richard Jarman learns that the greenbelt around London has been partially devastated by fire.  Convinced that what he saw was responsible, he confides his suspicions to Fiona, a beautiful single mother and to an elderly nun who witnessed the same phenomenon.

 As the trail of destruction spreads across the globe, Richard becomes obsessed with finding the cause. The nun disappears in mysterious circumstances and he embarks on a dangerous mission to find her. He falls into the brutal clutches of a shadowy cult whose terrifying leader, Abraham R., seems to have a connection with the spate of disasters occurring around the world.

When the planet is threatened by an even greater peril, Richard and Fiona consult a famous medium, Morgana Delph and believe they have found an explanation for what is happening. But is it the right one?