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Setting your story free

I’ve heard countless debates and discussions on how novelists come up with their stories.  Some came across their story in a dream, others at the top of a mountain, some were inspired by events in their own lives, or in the face of a stranger at a bus stop.  There are as many ways to come up with a story as there are stories, but I heard a wonderful quote from Michelangelo today which sums it up for me – writers find stories and their stories find them.  Here it is, read it, enjoy it, let it roll around in your mind…

“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set it free.”

We do love to be beside the seaside…

SeagulsSeaguls 2








Dragged myself away from my desk and went for a walk on the beach today.  I Came across this lovely guy feeding the seagulls and he let me take a few pictures.  Amazing catch of the gull with its wings folded forwards mid-flight like an angel!  It reminded me of how important it is to take a break and go outdoors, it calms the soul, feeds the imagination and you return to the daily grind refreshed.

Corinna 25/02/16